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"We take the lead when our clients set sails to explore uncharted waters."

Selected publications and speaking engagements

​Nicolas Ramelet 

  • 2024: Digitalization in the asset management market: Operational aspects (Panel-Discussion); Sphere Magazine

  • 2023: Revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Act from a lawyer's perspective (Interview); Handelszeitung

  • 2023: Effects of the new Transparency Act for attorneys at law (Speaking Engagement); Zurich Bar Association

  • 2023: Self-Employment as a portfolio manager as an option in the wake of the decline of Credit Suisse;

  • 2023: Harmful restrictions for young financial services providers; NZZ

  • 2022: Current aspects of FinSA and FinIA (Speaking Engagement); Richmond Finance Summit

  • 2021: Basler Kommentar to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (Co-Author); Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag

  • 2021: The rocky road to the FINMA license (Speaking Engagement); Richmond PIMS Forum

  • 2021: Der steinige Weg zur FINMA-Bewilligung (Speaking Engagement); Sphere Magazine EAM-Event

  • 2020: FIDLEG and FINIG - Looking Beyond The Horizon (Speaking Engagement); UBS Switzerland AG - RTN-Desk

  • 2019: Regulatory Update for the Financial Market (Speaking Engagement); Swiss Association of Compliance Officers

  • 2019: Five Reason for Starting Your Own Company; Finews.First Articles

  • 2019: The FinTech-License according to the Swiss Banking Act (Speaking Engagement); Zurich Bar Association

  • 2018: Trustees in the Eye of the Storm (Speaking Engagement); STEP Switzerland

  • 2018: FIDLEG & FINIG: Strategy Decisions for AM (Speaking Engagement); Richmond Finance Summit

  • 2018: Regulatory Strategy for Asset Managers (Lecture); Swiss Finance Institute

  • 2018: Fintech Regulation in the Financial Market (Speaking Engagement); PwC Switzerland

  • 2017: Blockchain: What will remain after the dust settles?; Linkedin Articles

  • 2017: Commentary to the Swiss AMLA (Co-Author); Staempfli Verlag

  • 2017: Digital Assistance for Asset Managers - Overrated or Essental? (Speaking Engagement); IFZ-Conference of Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts

  • 2016: Countering Money Laundering in Cash Transactions - Governmental Euthanasia for Cash Money?; SZW Legal Journal

  • 2016: Barzahlungen und Geldwäschereirisiken (Interview); SRF 10 vor 10

  • 2016: Current Developments in the Swiss Financial Market Regulations Regime for Financial Intermediaries in the Non-banking Sector - What Should We Keep on the Radar (Speaking Engagement); STEP Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

  • 2015: AML Basic and Advanced Training for Financial Intermediaries (Speaking Engagement); VQF

  • 2015: Due Diligence Requirements for "Traders" - Inventory of a Trade-Off; AJP Legal Journal

  • 2015: Spurned Cash Money - Verschmähtes Bargeld; NZZ Switzerland

  • 2014: FINMA's International Administrative Assistance in favor of Foreign Financial Market Supervisory Authorities (Speaking Engagement); Baer&Karrer Ltd.

  • 2011: Insurance Wrappers: What Are the AML-Related Applicable Regulatory Duties For Such Products? (Speaking Engagement); PwC Switzerland

  • 2010: Low Value Assets in Ongoing Client Relationships: Implementation of Article 7b of the Swiss AMLA (Speaking Engagement); Annual AML Conference by PwC, Switzerland

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