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Financial Market Law

Portfolio Managers, Family Offices, Banks and Fintechs

Financial market law regulates the requirements for access to activities in the financial market. On the one hand, legal compliance is important in order not to lose the license or registration for the respective activity, on the other hand, the regulations must also be respected in order to prevent an activity requiring a license. This concerns not only FinSAand FinIA, but also the other financial market laws such as the Banking Act, CISA, FinMIA and AMLA.

Financial market law can also be violated because of an activity that requires a license that has not been issued by the Swiss Financial Market Authority FINMA. In that case, the focus is on restoring the lawful state of affairs and adjusting the business activity.

Ramelet.Legal supports you in all aspects of financial market law in order to obtain a license, to act lawfully without a license, or, in the event of a violation of the law, to manage the procedure and restore the required legal status. 


Financial Services Providers & Fintech Startups

Switzerland is an near perfect location for financial institutions, fintechs and tech startups. The geographic situation, the political and infrastructural stability as well as the business-friendly legislation and the high quality of life are exceptional in this combination. 


When setting up a company, a large number of regulations must be observed. Nevertheless, it is important not to lose sight of the essentials. In addition, regulation is also a factor in corporate strategy - using this constructively creates decisive advantages.

Ramelet.Legal assists you in determining the best way forward for the planned activity, as well as in its implementation within the legal and factual framework of the establishment of the company and the startup of operations. 

Corporate Behavior & Whistleblowing

Money Laundering & Terrorist Finance, Corporate Behavior

As an internationally integrated financial center, Switzerland is permanently exposed to the risk of abuse. In order to keep an excellent standing in international comparison, Switzerland pursues a strict AML regime.


In addition, it is essential to include the respective developments in business planning in advance. Breaches of the rules not only have immediate consequences, but the legal situation must also be restored.

Whistleblowing has also become an established instrument for discovering internal misconduct. It is crucial to appoint a trustworthy reporting office and a transparent reporting system to establish employees' and the public' trust. 

Ramelet.Legal ensures that neither your company nor your employees operate on illegal ground and advises the operational or strategic management in taking care of the company as well as in the detection or prevention of wrongdoings or violations of the law. 

Corporate Law & Corporate Services

Strategic and focused developments

While corporate law is primarily regulated through the Code of Obligations, the connectivity with other regulations has increased significantly and today requires comprehensive planning and implementation. Accordingly, the applicable regulations must be properly taken into consideration and must be incorporated into the company's strategy in order to steer business developments successfully. Ramelet.Legal has put a particular focus on advising with regard to compliance with data protection regulations for financial service providers. 

Ramelet.Legal advises and accompanies its clients in corporate law issues and projects. In addition, Ramelet.Legal supports its clients in other corporate affairs or takes over related tasks for its clients. 

Contract Law

Civil law agreements between financial services providers and the clients

The relationship between financial service providers and their clients is basically governed by an agreement, i.e. under civil law. The provisions of the agreement become relevant in particular when the contracting parties do no longer have the same understanding of the agreement. Therefore, the agreement is of great importance not only at the time of the conclusion of it, but also in the case of later discussions and possible proceedings before an ordinary court or arbitration court.

Ramelet.Legal ensures that its clients have an optimal set of agreements, while being aware of all risks, so that they can be addressed in a timely and targeted manner when deemed necessary. 

Data Protection Law

Data protection aspects between financial service providers and their customers as well as third parties

Data protection law is highly relevant in today's society, as detailed data is available in large quantities and business activity, especially in the digital space, makes it necessary to share data. Data must therefore be protected according to its worthiness of protection, and secure handling must be ensured. National and international legislation is constantly being tightened up, and more and more sensitive penal standards are being introduced. 

Ramelet.Legal guides its clients to comply with the applicable regulations and to exploit the legal possibilities for a pragmatic, balanced and practicable approach without violating the compelling protective interests of the respective contractual partners. 

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